Tracking & Reporting

Track mandatory training performance and report on data needed to drive business results.

Fast, Accurate Data

Always be prepared with one-click reporting and tracking.

Stay On Top of Training

Customised dashboards provide a real-time report of course completions.

Track Live Training Events

Even training that requires a live setting can still be tracked in the system.

Be Inspection Ready

Access the information you need during an inspection in 3 incredibly simple steps. 

Real-time Monitoring

Customised dashboards provide a report of course completions at-a-glance.

Keeping You Informed

Automated dashboards let you view data in different ways to provide deeper insight into your training programme’s effectiveness.

Course completions can be viewed in multiple ways, whether by job title or department, based on the criteria you set.

Expanded Tracking Options

Track and manage your live, hands-on and classroom-style training events.


Providing Solutions

Sometimes training requires hands-on instruction and must be delivered in a live, classroom setting.

These trainings, as well as conferences and events can still easily be tracked and managed directly within the LMS.

Being Inspection Ready

Quickly access the critical information you need during an inspection.

Driving Results

Relias makes accessing the information you need for an inspection easy: simply run a report, print it out ... and that's it.

Finding everything in one place is critical. Avoid the hassle of sifting through overstuffed employee files and antiquated spreadsheets. We help you keep all of your training records in one place for peace of mind.

When inspection time is near, you can print any one of our 24 built-in reports, filtered however you need it, showing records of the entire organisation down to an individual staff member.

The Relias Learning Management System has brought our training into the 21st century. We have rolled out Relias to now include all employees. This year our Quality Improvement Director and Human Resources Director are adding agency-wide curriculum, orientation, and requirements tracking. The automatic reports are great, and we are reducing our carbon footprint with less paper!

- Carolyn DeMuria, Training & Compliance Coordinator