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  • Staff engagement

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Teesside Hospice

Client Interview with CEO, David Smith


Teesside Hospice offers palliative care for people over the age of 18 who are living with a life-limiting illness when a cure is no longer possible. Its care is provided 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year and supports 3,000 people across Teesside.


“I’ve been blown away by Relias. When I started at Teesside Hospice, one of the big challenges that we were facing— and I wasn’t surprised because I’ve been working in healthcare for a long time—was around our mandatory training rates. I was worried about how we would be able to solve that issue because I’ve seen big, well-funded organisations that have been unable to solve it, and I’ve also had some quite bad experiences in the past around online platforms and other solutions. So, when I first heard about Relias I was a little bit cynical at first if I’m being honest. I was expecting it to be like all the others I’d seen. Within the first few weeks though I started to shift my opinions fairly dramatically.”

Easy Implementation, and No Hidden Costs

“As we were implementing Relias, the support we got from the team was phenomenal, and reassuringly the costs were as we expected them to be (I’ve been hammered in the past by other providers for unexpected fees).

100% On Target

“We’re now nine months into using Relias. I was expecting difficulties with our team because some of them aren’t particularly tech-savvy. I thought there’d be problems with their ability to log on and interact with the platform. But even our least tech-savvy staff, with a little support, have been able to do it. Our mandatory training levels are consistently in the high 90s if not at 100% which is absolutely phenomenal—to the point where I actually go and check this with HR to make sure these figures are right! As a chief exec I can also log in any time just to get that assurance that we are where we need to be at, because when the CQC ask me how do I assure myself I have a really clear process that I can show them of how I do that.”

High Staff Engagement

“One of the bits that really surprised me as well is that Relias has a leaderboard which shows our different teams and how they’re competing against each other. I was unsure how this would go down with the staff, whether they’d either ignore it completely or find it a bit of a turnoff. But within a couple of months I remember sitting in a meeting and hearing some of the nurses behind me joking about where they were on the leaderboard. They were really paying attention to it. And it mattered! And it’s great to see that level of engagement from a team who aren’t particularly into technology, looking at where they are.”

A Price Worth Paying

“So yes, absolutely fantastic. It’s done what we hoped it would do, support from the company has excelled. It’s far better than I’ve had from elsewhere. And most importantly for me, the price is a price worth paying. I’d heartily recommend Relias to anybody who has mandatory training requirements.”


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