Saint Michael's Hospice

Top Benefits

  • Flexible platform

  • Improved visibility and accountability

  • Consistency, quality, clarity and ease-of-use

  • Return on investment

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Saint Michael’s Hospice

Client interview with Education and Training Manager, Sarah Dixon


Saint Michael’s Hospice in Harrogate employs approximately 200 part-time and bank staff, providing inpatient care, day therapy and homecare.


Education and Training Manager Sarah Dixon describes the challenges the organisation was experiencing previously with managing learning:

“Previously we had a very manual system, so things like our statutory and mandatory training were being addressed through things like workbooks which we were producing and marking ourselves, and then I had probably eight or nine either spreadsheets or databases which had to be updated with various pieces of information. So, I was looking for a system which would streamline that whole process.”

“Administratively it was a big headache because everything was very labour-intensive and therefore time-intensive, and time of course is the one thing nobody has.”


Having explored the range of learning management systems available, St Michael’s Hospice selected the Relias system for its staff in February 2018. Sarah explains the rationale:

“When I first saw the Relias system I was quite blown away, I’ll be honest. By that point I’d seen several other systems from other providers so I had others to compare it against, and because our organisation is so diverse in terms of our staff requirements I could just see that there was capability with the Relias system that other systems wouldn’t give us.”

“I chose Relias as a provider against other companies because I felt the Relias system was already advanced at this stage with a lot of flexibility and functionality, whereas some of the other options I felt were still in developmental stage. I could see that the Relias system would support us in achieving a lot, save us time and lead to efficiencies.”

Top Benefits

Flexible Platform

Sarah sees the flexibility of the Relias platform as a key differentiator, and one which will support the organisation as it changes and develops over time:

“In terms of the structure within our organisation, our training requirements aren’t static. They’re always changing. If we develop a new service, that means we’re going to have different types of roles, and what they need might be very different to our existing roles. The Relias system recognises and respects that and allows us to work with that quite easily which is really valuable. It’s not a huge obstacle. With a couple of the approaches I had from other companies I didn’t get that impression; the product was as it was sold and that was it, with no flexibility for evolving requirements.”

Improved Visibility and Accountability

“Previously the onus of reporting and accountability rested with me. It wasn’t very easy for the users’ line managers to identify where users were in their induction pathway, or what their outstanding requirements were, whereas with Relias managers can easily identify where their staff members are in their training, so I’m able to push that back out and drive accountability and responsibility at various levels within the organisation.”

Consistency, Quality, Clarity and Ease-of-Use

“Now that we’re using the Relias solution we have consistency of quality in training; the resources that we’ve used I’ve had really good feedback on. And from an induction point of view I’ve had feedback that people have found it much clearer because they understand what they need to do and when they need to do it by. Reporting is painless, and training records are all in one place meaning the nurses can easily pull their information for revalidation.”

Return on Investment

Sarah goes on to explain the return on investment which St Michael’s Hospice is seeing from having unlimited access to the full Relias Essential Library:

“Initially I thought it seemed like a lot of money but when you break it down per head it’s not. When I think of some of the stand-alone modules we’ve purchased, things like food hygiene which I previously purchased from another supplier, comparatively we get a lot more with Relias. The database of Relias courses and programmes is expanding all the time, so per head it’s a very reasonable cost.”

“Add to this the fact that the Relias system integrates with the e-Learning for Health platform, which we could previously access for courses but we couldn’t do any assigning, monitoring or reporting on. The integration means we can now do all those things via the Relias system, so this means even more value.”


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