New Roles and Resources to Support People With, or At Risk of Developing Delirium

About This Webinar

Join us to hear Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust present its award-winning Prevention of Delirium (POD) project, which received the 2016 national Patient Safety Award for Dementia Care.

In this webinar Associate Nurse Consultant Renee Comerford explains how the project has measurably improved experience and outcomes for patients with dementia, and other patients at risk of developing delirium.

Delirium is a common complication of serious illness. It can develop before, during and after a stay in acute hospital, particularly among older people. It is often fatal and affects 50% of older people in hospital.  It is associated with high mortality in hospital, and for up to 5 years following admission. One study reports a 70% risk of death within 6 months after presenting with delirium at the emergency department.

Delirium is also associated with an increased risk of falls, pressure ulcers, and other significant complications and adverse outcomes, including unnecessary admission to long term care. It is a distressing and frightening experience for patients and relatives, has an adverse effect on recovery and poses major challenges for ward staff. The high financial cost associated with the condition is well documented. However, for around a third of patients at risk of delirium developing after acute hospital admission, the condition is preventable.

Webinar learning objectives:

During this webinar you will hear how Calderdale and Huddersfield NHSFT achieved the following benefits.

Patient benefits

  • Reduced risk of acquired delirium
  • Reduced effects of delirium
  • Improved patient experience and quality of life
  • Reduced length of stay in hospital
  • Reduced risk of unnecessary discharge to long-term care
  • Reduced risk of mortality

Clinical staff and care provider benefits

  • Improved use of resources, i.e. resourceful and effective workforce model
  • Improved staff experience, sickness rate and retention
  • Enhanced experience and outcome for students wishing to pursue a career in healthcare
  • Caring and compassionate future workforce
  • Renee Comerford

    Prevention of Delirium (POD) Project Lead and Associate Nurse Consultant for Older People, Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust


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