Prama Care

Prama Care

Client interview with CEO, Steve Robinson


PramaCare is a registered charity providing domiciliary care services in Dorset. It is part of the Prama Foundation’s group of charities that offer a range of clubs and activities for older people, including those living with dementia and their carers, in local communities. It also offers trips and holidays around the world to older people and families through its innovative ATOL registered travel agency. PramaCare’s aim is to help older people, vulnerable adults and people with acquired brain injury to live with dignity and independence in their own homes, supported by the outstanding care they need and deserve. The organisation employs nearly 300 staff and has around 200 volunteers.


Previously, PramaCare was experiencing challenges with the induction of new staff and wanted to find a way to both invigorate and optimise the process:

“We used to be in the situation where we had a five-day induction process, full of paperwork, full of PowerPoint slides, full of people sitting in rooms being — to be honest — bored for an awful lot of the time. So we wanted to do something more up-to-date, which improves our retention and actually gets people from the training room into the workforce as fast as possible — we weren’t doing that, so we were looking around for something which would provide the solution and that’s when we came across Relias.”


In April 2019 PramaCare purchased the Relias system and has been experiencing the benefits, including the ability to harness new employee excitement which aids retention:

“It’s really going well, so we’re very happy with it. We’ve just had our third wave of inductees come through. As soon as we offer someone a job we can send them a link so they can start their training and arrive at formal induction with the first nine parts of their Care Certificate done and in the bag.”

“When someone is offered a job they get excited but then, if they don’t have induction and can’t start for three weeks, that excitement declines. By being able to actually offer them a login link right at the start you’re capturing that excitement. And now when they arrive at the live training induction instead of it.”


The team at PramaCare was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to switch to Relias:

“The transition from old paper-based processes to the new Relias system has been much easier than we anticipated. It’s created a feeling that our organisation is moving forward and is developing, so it’s changing our culture as well as our systems. We really are delighted to have that feeling of progress.”

“We found that that the people at Relias actually listened to what we wanted as a customer. Anybody who’s ever bought anything or worked with other partners will know that’s not always the case, particularly with big IT providers. It’s usually more a case of ‘this is what we do — do you want it?’. Relias were flexible, prepared to listen to what our situations are, and then work with us to deal with what’s coming up.”


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