‘If I Get Dementia Will They Serve Me Meat?’: Catering for Specific Dietary Beliefs in Dementia Care

About This Webinar

Research has shown that 22% of UK care homes have one or more vegetarian or vegan (veg*n) residents – and this figure appears to be rising. Amanda Woodvine, Chief Executive of charity Vegetarian for Life, discusses how to to develop dementia care practice – and be mindful of the law – when catering for specific dietary beliefs.

Webinar learning objectives:

  • Revisit the Mental Capacity Act in light of caring for someone living with dementia, who has a food allergy, or specific dietary belief.
  • View your care setting through the eyes of a vegetarian or vegan (veg*n) living with dementia – why might someone you care for now be asking for meat?

Explore five fundamental good practices to help ensure that veg*ns who have capacity issues, or cognitive losses, will be offered a choice of meals, drinks and snacks that uphold their ethical beliefs.

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  • Amanda Woodvine

    Chief Executive, Vegetarian For Life


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