Bridport Medical Centre

Bridport Medical Centre

Client interview with Sarah McNulty, Management Assistant


Bridport Medical Centre in Dorset provides high quality, integrated medical care that is close to home and meets individual needs. The practice aims to prevent ill-health, improve wellbeing, and provide services that improve local health outcomes by following agreed care pathways and using evidence-based medical practice. The Medical Centre has 59 members of staff.


At the start of 2017, Bridport MC was using a different e-learning system but felt it wasn’t fulfilling expectations. Sarah McNulty, Management Assistant says: “The key things our staff said they wished they could get from their training system were more engaging modules, easier navigation, improved reliability, a faster and more user-friendly experience, and better customer service.”

Not only did the medical centre staff have these needs and expectations around the learner experience, but the team was looking for more advanced administrative capabilities too: “Reporting didn’t work very well, so we were having to transfer the information onto a spreadsheet, we couldn’t create our own reports, and the available reports weren’t as varied.”


Bridport MC heard about Relias from another GP practice. Sarah explains: “We were nearing the end of our contract with that provider when Relias came highly recommended, so it came just at the right time. Relias is just a far cleaner system with more functionality and that’s what sealed it for us.”

Bridport swiftly completed implementation of the RLMS in March with the support of their dedicated Relias Client Success Manager, Nicole. The level of focused attention they’ve received is something that Sarah feels has been key to a smooth transition: “Nicole is always absolutely brilliant whenever I contact her. If she can’t answer my question straight-away (which is rare) she always goes away to find out more information and comes back to me, taking the time to fully understand what I’m asking or looking for.”

Top Benefits

Supporting GP Appraisal:

One of the things the practice has found the Relias functionality particularly helpful with is with GP appraisals. As well as reporting on their online training GPs are required to show how many practice meetings they’ve attended, how many safeguarding hours they’ve completed outside of the modules, any external training, and so on. Sarah says: “Our previous e-learning system didn’t offer us the functionality to include external training in a particularly tidy way, but Relias gives me the functionality to input all of that. When it comes to appraisal time I just press go and they get a complete list of everything they need.”

Streamlining the Policies Process:

Sarah manages the policies and procedures for the Bridport practice. These, which number in their hundreds, were previously managed on separate software. She had to get the staff to log on to this second software to read their policies and sign to say they’d done so. Then she had to export their declarations to a personnel folder. It’s now possible instead to upload the policies to the RLMS and incorporate them into staff training programmes. Once staff have read the policy and understood it, they can sign the declaration in the Relias system.

Significantly Reducing Cost:

Not only is Sarah finding that the system is giving her back time which can then be redeployed, and reducing pressure around CQC inspection, but it’s also significantly reducing costs: “Having the elective modules like the Office training is really handy because it’s no longer an added expense and time away from work for someone to attend Office training. We also previously had to pay additional costs for Care Certificate training but it’s all included with Relias, so all the HCAs who need it can do that.”

Supporting Compassionate Care:

Bridport has a number of enhanced services which the Relias training content can help with. For example, the practice is very focused on being dementia-friendly, which means providing compassionate care for people with dementia, supported by a number of organisational adjustments. “We did notice that in the Relias system there’s a lot of in-depth dementia training provided, so these additional resources are extremely helpful with our dementia-friendly objectives. Our previous training system offered us what we needed and nothing more, whereas with Relias there’s so much more there, you can pull more in as and when you need to.”

Providing Custom Content Flexibility:

Bridport have been using the custom content feature in the site to create their own courses and link to training videos for staff, this has been particularly useful for introducing new staff to data protection.


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