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Abney & Baker

Client interview with CEO, Ian Willis


Abney & Baker is a provider of support and care to older people, clients with learning difficulties and those with illnesses or injuries that require extra support to maintain their independence. The company employs 45 caregivers and other staff, and provides services across Bath, Keynsham, Saltford and West Wiltshire.

In October 2018, CEO Ian Willis came across Relias at the Care Show, and viewed a demonstration of the Relias Learning management System.

“As well as the training courses themselves, I particularly liked the fact that Relias has its own platform which allows us the ability to include our own courses too. This meant we could create a go-to-place for all our carers to get all their training. That was a big plus, as it gave us something we felt would become Abney & Baker’s own bespoke training portal.”


Abney & Baker had tried several other training providers, but often encountered the same challenges.

“Our big challenge was finding an e-learning solution that would allow us to provide a wide range of easy-to-access training in a cost-effective way that also gave us the reporting tools we needed to manage and report on our training compliance.”

“Relias’ subscription model, and wide range of courses, not only allows us to deliver on our promise of self-led training for everyone in our team but also means that we’re only paying for active team members with the ability to reassign licences when people leave. That helps with managing the cost of training.”

“Relias provides us with a range of reports that are easily configurable and can be used both by managers to manage the day-to-day training of the team as well as by the business as a whole to report on compliance. These automated reports save us a lot of time and effort and have increased our confidence in the accuracy of our reporting.”


After selecting the Relias system to address these challenges, Abney & Baker began their implementation process with their Client Care Consultant, Nicole. At time of writing the organisation has just completed this process.

“Relias provides an exceptional on-boarding process. They held our hand through every step of the process of getting to know the system, training our managers and helping us to transfer our training history from our previous system. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the implementation process.”

“Nicole was very calm and very good at getting across how to use the system, which allowed us to go away and do it for ourselves almost immediately afterwards. We’ve become very confident with the system. Even though we haven’t fully switched it on yet we’ve been setting up new users today ready for tomorrow as we’ve got five new starters, we’ve built couple of extra training plans and assigned modules to them. It’s a very intuitive system anyway, but the process to get us familiar with all the different areas of it was carried out very well.”

Vision for the future of training at Abney & Baker

The company is now looking forward to making full use of the Relias system, and experiencing benefits including higher staff engagement, effective reporting and unlimited access to a comprehensive library of both essential and elective learning.

  • Staff engagement: “I’m hoping the Relias system will get a lot more engagement from the care staff themselves. I’m very interested to see how the gamification side of it works, and how that gets people to connect with it, because I want to encourage our staff to take ownership of training for themselves and take advantage of the opportunities it presents.”
  • Easy reporting: “The second piece I’m hopeful for is that we’ll have a lot more reporting capability at our fingertips—that each manager will easily know how their team’s doing, so I know where we are from a compliance point of view. I’m looking forward to sitting down with my managers and saying ‘update me’ and it taking no time at all for them to get me that information, and discussing the training that needs to be done rather than whether the report’s accurate and up-to-date, which are the conversations we’ve been having to date.”
  • Unlimited access to training: “And the third thing I’m looking forward to, is that I’ve always promised that we’ll have a self-led training philosophy for Abney & Baker, so that if people have an interest—for example in End of Life or in a particular condition such as Parkinson’s—they can pursue it. For people to be able to open the catalogue after they’ve done their must-do training and select further training to become more knowledgeable in the areas that interest them, I think is very exciting.”


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