Bereaved families have joined forces with over 70 NHS trusts, charities, politicians and suicide attempt survivors to launch the Zero Suicide Alliance (ZSA) tomorrow at the Houses of Parliament.

Members of parliament including Norman Lamb MP and Luciana Berger MP are backing the ZSA, which hopes to win Government support to really tackle the problem of suicide in the UK.

United by a common goal

The Samaritans Suicide Statistics Report 2017 reports that 6,188 suicides were registered in the UK during the preceding year, which is the equivalent of 20 long-haul planes full of people.

The new Zero Suicide Alliance (ZSA) – which includes around half of the mental health NHS trusts, many other health sector organisations, local government, charitable enterprises and community groups – is determined to make an impact on that shocking statistic.

Brought together by a common goal of ending suicide in the UK, the ZSA aims to encourage one million people to take part in a new interactive suicide prevention training programme, developed with official training partner Relias.

By encouraging as many people as possible to watch the free, potentially life-saving, online training course, the ZSA aims to give everyone the skills necessary to help others who may be having suicidal thoughts. The ‘Suicide. Let’s Talk’ e-learning course, built and powered by Relias, is available to everyone free via the ZSA website.

The training is aimed at people from all walks of life – not just clinicians and other healthcare workers – and the ZSA hopes it will help better prepare people to help friends, loved ones or family members that may be considering taking their own life.

In the time it takes to drink a cup of tea (just 20 minutes), the free training will teach the know-how to approach a difficult conversation with someone who is struggling. It will also provide real life scenarios and interviews with people who have lived through the impact of suicide.

The profound impact of good training

Working with experts at Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust, Relias built the ‘Suicide. Let’s Talk’ e-learning course, which focuses on developing the awareness, skills, and confidence to help those in need. The ‘See. Say. Signpost’ methodology introduced by the course aims to help us all play a more effective role in suicide prevention.

The Relias company mission – to measurably improve the lives of the most vulnerable members of society and those who care for them – is perfectly aligned with the aims of the ZSA. Originating in the US, Relias is the leading provider stateside of online training for mental health, with a 15 year history of specialisation in this field. Now also in the UK and working with the NHS, Relias is the ideal training partner to the ZSA due to this long-term focus on achieving a profound impact on mental health outcomes through the power of good training. In the Alliance, Relias joins like-minded partners compassionately driven to eradicate suicide in the UK.

Managing Director of Relias UK, Deanna Roepke said:

“We’re honoured to be the official training partner of the Zero Suicide Alliance. It aligns to our core values as a company, but what’s more, each member of our team has a personal connection to the purpose. We’ve seen the way effective training can transform mental health outcomes, so to be able to contribute in such a key way is something we’re very proud of.”

Information about Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust’s zero suicide policy

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