Date: 24 May, 2017

Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust has selected e-learning solution provider Relias Learning to provide online training to its 5,000+ staff across 36 sites in the North West.

The new partnership, announced today, will:

  • streamline statutory and mandatory training, to deliver efficiencies and give staff back time that can be devoted to patient care
  • help align and support staff in achieving key strategic Mersey Care initiatives, including ‘Zero Suicide.’

Deanna Roepke, Managing Director of Relias Learning in the UK, said:

“Our partnership with Mersey Care represents an exciting moment for Relias in the UK. Mental health, learning disabilities, and addictions have long been a major focus for Relias in the US, where we’re the leader in the provision of training for healthcare professionals in these fields. To now be able to bring that experience and expertise to our work with the NHS is an important and exciting milestone.”

“It’s this world-class content, delivered by our user-friendly e-learning platform, that can help the Trust realise its vision of becoming the leading provider of mental health care, addiction services and learning disabilities care. Relias looks forward to supporting the Mersey Care staff in their mission of putting quality at the heart of everything they do.”

Supporting the vision for Zero Suicide – a perfect care initiative

Mersey Care’s Chief Executive Joe Rafferty and his team envisage a future with no suicides in their care. Mersey Care is pioneering the Zero Suicide performance improvement target, with a commitment to achieving a 0% suicide rate by 2020. Zero Suicide is the first of a number of ‘perfect care’ ambitions, including Zero Restraint and a Fair and Just Culture, which Relias will be able to support and assist with through the provision of specialised training solutions.

Relias will be developing three highly interactive, engaging custom courses for the Zero Suicide initiative. The first will train any staff employed in any health or care provider setting on suicide risk awareness, identification and action. The second will train nurses, and the third doctors.

Chief Executive of Mersey Care, Joe Rafferty, said:

“Relias Learning’s work with Mersey Care will be multi-layered. At the core of the partnership will be the delivery of significant efficiencies and productivity benefits via work on streamlining training compliance, but building on that success, Relias will also help Mersey Care achieve its vision for ‘Zero Suicide’.”

About Mersey Care

Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust provides specialist mental health services in North West England and beyond. The Trust provides specialist inpatient and community mental health, learning disabilities, addiction and acquired brain injury services for the people of Liverpool, Sefton and Kirkby, Merseyside. It also provides secure mental health services for the North West of England, the West Midlands and Wales, as well as specialist learning disability services across Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Merseyside. Mersey Care is one of only three trusts in the country that provide these services. Clinical services are provided across 36 sites across the North West, with over 5,000 staff serving a population of almost 11 million people.

During 2016/17 Mersey Care:

  • provided care, treatment and support to 20,621 service users in 2016/17 (20,387) in local services and 240 in secure services
  • is dispersed across over 36 sites both of its own and premises rented from others
  • had 760 inpatient beds as at 31 March 2017
  • had 382,301 outpatient attendances and contacts in 2016/17.

*(Statistics based on audited figures for 2016/17)

About Relias Learning

Relias Learning provides online training for the entire health and social care continuum, providing expert solutions for training compliance, and helping pressurised organisations achieve efficiency whilst safeguarding or raising quality of care for patients. More than 6,000 health and social care providers globally have selected the Relias Learning Management System (RLMS) to train and develop their staff. More than 3 million learners are using the system worldwide.

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