Performance Improvement

Set your staff up for success by developing and managing their performance.

Reliable, Measurable Progress

Keep track of your staff's retention, skill level and progress all in one place.

Post-Course Tests

Each Relias course comes with a built-in, post-course test.

Workplace Assessments

Learn how to measure your staff's competencies.

Employee Appraisals

Measure performance based on behaviours you specify, and then periodically track progress.

Assessing Knowledge

Boost knowledge retention and set your staff up for success with post-course tests.

Ensuring Retention

Post-course tests enable you to measure how well your staff retain what they learn in order to effectively determine their strengths and opportunities for development.

Tests can be customised to indicate acceptable passing scores, the randomisation of questions, and the number of allowable test re-takes.

You can also create and include your own questions and add commonly used questions to the exam question pool to reuse for another assessment.

Evaluating Your Staff's Skills

Measure your staff's workplace competencies.


Assessing Competency

The proven demonstration of skills on the job significantly reduces risk. Workplace assessments help by enabling supervisors to assess staff competency using a checklist.

Our workplace assessments feature is tablet-compatible for quick and easy site observations, and the assessor feedback is great for two-way communication and promoting staff development.

HR can also use the tool to improve induction by efficiently tracking new hire paperwork!

Employee Appraisals

Easily track and maintain employee appraisals in one place.

Managing Performance

Relias now makes it easy for you to track and maintain employee appraisals in the LMS so that you can view your staff's progression of skills and training outcomes and then proactively assign training to develop their performance.

The time savings and convenience of no longer having paperwork to collect, distribute or file make this an essential tool for any administrator.

It is also extremely customisable. Change the frequency, behaviours and measurement scales, and send automatic reminders.


With Relias Learning, I know that all employees who complete a class have been exposed to and tested o the same high-quality material - not an individual's interpretation of the information.

- Vice President of Human Resources