Organisational Impact

Lead your organisation through the changes in health and social care with the consistent quality training you need and deserve.

Comprehensive, Smart Solution

Learn how you can use training to drive meaningful results.

Business Results

Align your training with your business goals to significantly impact your workforce, your clients and your organisation.

Cost Savings

Save money on backfilling employees and paying overtime by letting staff train anywhere, anytime.

Mandatory Training Performance

Help drive mandatory training performance with your continuous improvement and training programs.

Driving Meaningful Results

Align and focus your entire organisation on critical business needs.

Empowering Businesses

With a powerful Learning Management System
and the right content, you’re empowered to position your organisation to focus on its most essential objectives.

Reducing Costs

Save money on developing your staff with the convenience of online learning.


Helping You Save

We understand the importance of saving money to focus your funding on providing much needed services in your communities.

Because our LMS offers training that can be taken online anywhere and anytime, Relias helps to greatly reduce costs on instructor fees, travel time and meals, backfilling employees, and staff's time away from work to attend classroom training.

Boosting Mandatory Training Performance

Easily meet statutory and mandatory requirements with the right courses and engaging content.

Meet Requirements Easily

Meeting statutory and mandatory requirements is absolutely critical to the ability of an organisation to provide quality services. 

Relias provides convenient access to training that staff take because they want to, not because they have to. We base our engaging, relevant course content on adult learning principles and deliver it on an interactive user interface that incorporates gaming elements.

I like the fact there's more accountability, takes less time, and I can hold my staff more accountable to the exam... I find it's saving money and time because we don't have to pay to send people out to a training when you can have them do it here on Relias.

- Leslie Cohn, Clinical Employee Trainer