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The Relias Learning Management System (RLMS)

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Our e-book covers the RLMS from head to toe. It explains how our solution works, how it can help make your life easier and improve outcomes for your organisation, and what our customers say about it.

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Robust, Automated System

Automated Features help you safe a significant amount of time on training.

Assigning Courses
 In just a few clicks, you can auto-populate your staff’s training and enjoy hassle-free automated course reminders.

Enrolling & Inducting Staff
Enrol staff individually, or use auto enrolment to automatically assign or remove training based on rules you set in the system.

Improve course completions with automatic training reminder emails.

Tracking & Reporting

Track mandatory training performance and report on data needed to drive business results.

Stay on Top of Training
Customised dashboards provide a real-time report of course completions.

Track Live Training Events
Even training that requires a live setting can still be tracked in the system.

Be Inspection Ready
Access the information you need during an inspection in three incredibly simple steps. 

Performance Improvement

Set your staff up for success by developing and managing their performance.

Post-Course Tests
Each Relias course comes with a built-in, post-course test.

Workplace Assessments
Learn how to measure your staff's competencies.

Re-engage staff to help them remember the information they learned in a course.