Our Product

An easy-to-use LMS that optimises your mandatory training performance.

Meeting the Demands of Change

Training that impacts each area of your organisation for improved performance.

Organisational Impact

Save money while impacting business results, such as quality of care and client satisfaction.

HR Impact

In addition to improving mandatory training performance, learn how to onboard employees more efficiently for better inspection results.

Clinical Impact

Deliver consistent training across the organisation and develop programmes focused on special populations or needs.

Courses & Training

The right courses at the right time for consistent, high quality training.

Flexible & Convenient

Whether you'd like to use our courses, your own, or bespoke courses, our LMS is flexible to meet your needs. There is no need to worry about maintaining mandatory training requirements – we do that for you. In addition, your staff can enjoy access to continuing professional development courses anywhere, anytime.

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Assigning & Enrolling

Getting staff started on their training couldn't be easier.


Robust & Automated

Search for the courses you need by role. Make induction and enrolment easier with automated tools and HR integration. Tired of chasing staff to complete training? Use our automated reminders and save time!

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Tracking & Reporting

Quickly access the data you need to be prepared at all times.

Fast & Accurate

Relias keeps you informed by providing automated dashboards to gain insight into training effectiveness. Even hands-on, live instruction can be tracked and managed within the Relias LMS. Reports can be accessed at the click of a button when inspection time is near.

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Performance Improvement

Easily assess, track and manage your staff's skills and development.


Reliable & Measurable

Learn how well your staff retains learning with post-course tests; measure their competencies with workplace assessments. Manage their progress with performance appraisals – all in one place.

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Organisational Impact

Enjoy effective training that directly aligns with your business goals.

Comprehensive & Smart

Position your organisation to focus on its core objectives, while saving money and boosting compliance.

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Getting Started

In 3 easy steps, your staff can benefit from the Relias Learning Management System.


Simple & Low Effort

Getting started with the Relias LMS couldn't be easier. Simply speak with an expert to discuss your unique needs and get a comprehensive overview of our product to see how we can meet those needs. Implementing our system can be done in as little as 30 days, with zero hassle on your end.

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