The Relias Learning Knowledge Base

A properly implemented Learning Management System (LMS) gives you all the tools you need to be able to distribute, implement, and track your training initiatives. Many labour intensive tasks which tend to be unreliable or difficult to administer become automatic when using Relias. The LMS allows you to distribute Relias Learning courses to your Learners, but it also is a powerful tool for distributing your own content, tracking paperwork, and making sure that staff have met their mandatory requirements. The Relias LMS is more than a tool for online teaching, it is your pathway to automating all staff requirement tracking, event scheduling AND information distribution all in one package.

Our Knowledge Base is loosely grouped around the menus available to Administrators in the Relias LMS. Please understand that not all functions are available to all roles. We will make the distinction clear within the text which roles can perform which functions. Your role can only be changed by your LMS Administrator, not Relias Learning Support. Administrators can also activate and deactivate users within the LMS.

The Basics of your Relias LMS

6 Best Practices for Driving Compliance

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