About this free on-demand webinar:

The COVID-19 pandemic presents challenges to both those living with dementia and those who care for them – not only in terms of the risk of contracting infection, but also with regard to the delivery of compassionate care during social distancing/lock-down measures and other unusual protocols.

This webinar covers:

PPE and dementia care

    • How to connect with people living with dementia when you have a face mask on – hints and ideas to maintain good communication
    • How people living with dementia may respond
    • Recognising and responding to signs of distress

The impact of social distancing

      • How cancelling contact can affect a person’s physical and emotional wellbeing
      • How we can communicate ‘social distance’ to people livings with dementia

Communicating effectively with families and friends

    • How to minimise fears and support positive relationships
    • Signposting individuals, families and carers to dementia advice, support, and information

Maintaining Dignity

    • How the words used can make a difference

Tanya Clover

Tanya Clover
Independent Care Consultant