Maternity, A&E, Sepsis and HCAI

Clinical Solutions

Reduce variation in care with actionable analytics, ongoing assessments and personalised learning

Your caregivers deliver care differently for reasons that aren’t always obvious. We can help your organisation pinpoint and rectify knowledge and judgement issues, helping you deliver more consistent care and reduce costs.


Once we’ve identified the issues and the caregivers involved, we can assess their individual skills to highlight what exactly they know, and train them on exactly what they don’t know, targeting training to each individual person.


People don’t like being trained on what they already know. Our approach is different. It’s based on identifying skills, and areas in need of improvement so your staff can get better, and that’s where the learning happens.


Solutions Preview

Experience a brief flyover of the interactive 3D animations used in Relias A&E and Relias Maternity