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Powerful learning management solutions for Health Care Assistants, Assistant Practitioners and Care Support Workers

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Helping you prepare your staff for practice in the workplace.

High quality content

Our e-learning courses are written by industry experts and designed based on adult learning principles.

Applicable Knowledge and Skills

Our Care Certificate courses address the training needs of health and social care workers at the beginning of their careers.

Time-saving solutions

Tools for scheduling, tracking and reporting on training enable you to manage your training programme more efficiently.

Promote Clinical Excellence

Engaging courses that enable your staff to practise safely and effectively.

High Quality Content

The courses in our Care Certificate library are mapped to the 15 standards for health and social care workers, developed by Skills for Health, Health Education England and Skills for Care. The Care Certificate promotes clinical excellence by ensuring that all workers have the same introductory knowledge and competencies.

Using innovative tools that incorporate game elements, micro-learning and simulations, our high-impact content is skillfully designed to be engaging, immediately applicable and effective so that performance — and patient outcomes — are improved. 

Support Patient-Centered Care

Ensure your staff apply their training with courses that are relevant to their work.


Applicable Knowledge and Competencies

Relevant courses specific to the work of Health Care Assistants, Assistant Practitioners and Care Support Workers provide important knowledge and competencies your staff use on a daily basis.

In addition to our courses, we support you with the tools to assess workplace competencies as set out in the standards of the Care Certificate.

Streamline Staff Development

Speed up induction training and drive meaningful results with auto enrolment and custom training plans.

Time-Saving Solutions

Quickly onboard new employees to avoid skill lost through turnover.

Role-based training plans ensure your staff receive the training they need.

Maintain a record of completion for your team for this one-time certificate.


Meet the Standards

The Care Certificate defines a training catalogue of 15 Standards that address basic patient-centered care.

Understand your role
Your personal development 
Duty of care
Equality and diversity
Work in a person centred way

Privacy and dignity 
Fluids and nutrition
Awareness of mental health, dementia and learning disability
Safeguarding adults

Safeguarding Children
Basic Life Support 
Health and Safety 
Handling information 
Infection prevention and control

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Support learning outcomes with interactive content written by subject matter experts.


The information is now fresh in [employees] minds when they work with residents. Think about how many face-to-face sessions it would have taken to have that impact.

- - Mike Smith, Administrator