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Staying Healthy on the Nightshift
In some respects, we're simple creatures: when it’s light, we're awake and when it’s dark, we go to sleep. Our physiology is finely tuned to this circadian rhythm, so it’s no surprise that going against your body clock usually doesn’t end well ...  Read more
Getting to Know the Nursing Associates
The care-givers team continues to evolve and diverge and, although nurses are a central part, it is undeniably strengthened by assistant practitioners, healthcare assistants and now – a new addition: Nursing Associates (NAs) ...  Read more
Wound Management - Prevention is Better than Cure
In our new Wound Management course, the focus is firmly on chronic wounds and with good reason ...  Read more
Confused by the News?
How many times today have you clarified, explained or demonstrated something? Probably a lot because amongst all the other tasks you do, health professionals have a role as an educator too ... Read more
Caring for the Carers
You wake up with a pounding headache and a throat that feels like you’re swallowing glass. What do you do? Well, If you’re like the majority of UK workers, you simply get up and struggle in to work ... Read more