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Training for Primary Care Mental Health - How Can We Improve It?
Around 90% of people with mental health problems receive their care in the primary care setting. In addition to that, the majority of those people who receive care in specialist services also receive physical health care from their GP and practice team ...  Read more
Why Does Continuity of Care Matter in Primary Care Mental Health?
For more than 25 years of my life, like many other people with long term mental health problems, I preferred to see the same GP. We came to know each other quite well. I appreciated his advice and wisdom and trusted his opinion ... Read more
What Exactly is Collaborative Care?
‘Of course, we work collaboratively already!’ says almost everyone when you tell them about ‘collaborative care’. The problem is that many people use the term as just one of the (often confusing) terms to describe health professionals working together, such as ‘shared care’ and ‘liaison-consultation’ and ‘integrated care’ ..  Read more
The Interface Between Primary and Specialist Mental Health Care - Why does it have to be so hard to get it right?
One thing that causes considerable dissatisfaction among patients and service users, GPs and mental health workers is how the interface works between primary and specialist care ...  Read more
Improving Access to Primary Mental Health Care - Why we need to ask: ‘What is it like for you?’
When I was involved in a study exploring access to primary care mental health care, our researchers were based in GP practices ...  Read more