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CQC Inspections: Are Your Staff Ready to Answer These Questions?
Here are some of the questions a CQC inspector might ask and how you can optimise your use of the Relias Learning Management System in preparation.  Read more
Training Standardisation Leads to Reduced Outcome Variability
Training standardisation leads to reduced outcome variability in healthcare. Read more
Patient Activation and the Evolving Role of Clinicians
Patient activation, communication, and the evolving role of clinicians and other NHS staff in supporting people to self-manage their own health and care. Read more
Free from Fear and Fit for the Future: Unlocking the Power of the Homecare Workforce
The importance improving dementia training for the delivery of homecare / domiciliary care. Read more
Leading from the Frontline: The Nurses’ Pledge to Deliver High Value Care
Nursing Leadership: tackling staff shortages and promoting high value care Read more
Promoting Self Care
How the new nursing framework can save the NHS. Read more
A Professional Development Pathway for Nurses
The new nursing framework 'Leading Change, Adding Value' is explicit about the areas of focus for the development of nurses and midwives within the NHS.  Read more
5 Ways Nurses Can Partner With Families
‘Leading Change, Adding Value’ sets out 10 commitments that embrace patient-centred care, preventative public health and a better experience for staff. Read more
Continuing Professional Development: A Key Requirement for Revalidation
Continuing professional development is crucial to nursing staff who wish to further their knowledge and skillset to keep up with innovation in healthcare. Read more
What is the Health Care Certificate?
All healthcare support and adult social care workers in the U.K. require training in 15 detailed standards of care within the first 12 weeks on the job according to legislation passed in April 2015. Read more