Assigning & Enrolling

Get your staff started quickly and easily and reduce onboarding time.

Robust, Automated System

Automated features help you save a significant amount of time on training.

Assigning Courses

In just a few clicks, you can auto-populate your staff’s training and enjoy hassle-free automated course reminders.

Enrolling & Onboarding Staff

Enrol staff individually, or use auto enrolment to automatically assign or remove training based on rules you set in the system.


Improve course completions with automatic training reminder emails. 

Easily Create Training Plans

Role-based training plans ensure staff get the exact training they need.

Various Options

We help you create training plans quickly and offer several options to search for the courses you need. 

With role-based training, simply select the courses that meet the needs of a specific role, add them to the training plan and begin enrolling.

Whether the courses you need are related to Statutory and Mandatory training requirements, the Care Certificate for Health Care Assistants, or CPD credits, our wide selection is aligned with regulatory requirements.

Save Time Enrolling Staff

Auto-populate your staff training and new hire onboarding in just a few clicks.


Seamless Enrolling

Once you find the courses you need and create a training plan, there are two options to assign training.

You can manually find and assign staff members individually to specific training. You can also automatically assign or remove training based on employee information. The automatic option for enrolling new employees greatly reduces induction time.

Use Auto-Reminders

Stop chasing employees with training reminders and focus on mandatory training performance.

Improving Completions

Relias removes the hassle of chasing employees through ongoing reminders to complete their training and allows you to focus on value-added goals like patient results and quality of care.

Reminders are sent via email to staff and managers based on the parameters and frequency you set and include topics such as upcoming and overdue courses, event notifications and changes, appraisal notifications, and password recovery.

Relias allows me to create assignments with their courses, build my own courses, or revise existing courses. I have a schedule of annual mandatory courses that are broken up into months that are set up within the Relias system, and they automatically populate the students' records appropriate to the duties they are performing.

- Jessica, Corporate Education Nurse